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National Bike Shortage

COVID-19 and social-distancing protocols have created a huge demand for bikes and parts.

This sudden demand and other complications in manufacturing has caused a bicycle-supply shortage, especially for bikes priced under $2000. Nationwide inventory of bikes and parts are being depleted at bike shops and suppliers.

*If you have a bike on pre-order we will contact you when it arrives. 
Orders are placed every week. 

How we are handling the bike shortage 

We still have new bikes in stock, and are receiving bikes from Trek on a weekly basis. 

We are doing our best to meet the increased demand by pre-ordering more and more popular-style bikes as they become available from our suppliers. Many bike models, however, are still in short supply or sold-out for several months if not the whole year. 

*From what our suppliers tell us, we anticipate this bike shortage to continue through late-summer into the fall this year. Please be patient, we are doing everything we can to get bikes and product.

We are dedicated to keeping you riding this season and beyond. Here are some suggestions for how we can help you find suitable new bikes during this shortage:

  • Check out our current selection of in-stock bikes.
  • If bikes are currently unavailable, we can advise you on how to pre-order a bike now for future pickup at our store. Our suppliers' future bike inventory is selling out in advance, so the best way to get a bike is to pre-order and reserve one now. *If you have a bike on pre-order we will contact you when it arrives.

Despite limited availability in the nation's supply chain, we are working with all our suppliers to keep stocked as best we can. To place an advance order for a bike, you can shop online or contact us for assistance.