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Kids' Bikes

Which bike fits?

Our Guide To Buying The Perfect Kids' Bike

Unlike Adult bikes that are sized by the frame, kids bikes are sized by the diameter of the tire's rim. Based on average cycling experience and child size, we've put together a selection of youth bikes, grouped by age and wheel size, below. 

Kids Grow, Trade Up! 
With our Kids Bike Trade-Up Program you can get up to 50% of the bike's original purchase price as credit to use towards the next size up! 

Looking for a place for your child to ride?  
Check out Seacoast Velokids , a local organization dedicated to teaching kids how to enhance their skills and ride socially!
Balance Bikes
BALANCE BIKES: Walking - 3 Years (up to 34" tall)
12-INCH: 2-4 Years
12-INCH: 2-4 Years (35-40" tall)
26in +
Adult Bikes 13" - 16" frame size 10 Years + (62" or taller)