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Colonial Bicycle Fit Studio


Looking to get the most out of your bike? A bicycle fit is the best place to start.  Our Fit Studio offers a full range of services from traditional 'static' fits, to software aided Motion Capture fits, and everything in between!

Why have a professional bike fit? 

Bike fitting is often overlooked, but it is one of the best values in terms of getting the most from your bike riding experience.  Our fit philosophy starts with understanding each rider's individual experiences and goals with their bike riding. Whether you have a specific issue; are looking for the most comfort; or are looking to optimize your performance -- a professional fit can provide those answers. 

Our Certifications

Our Bike Fitter, Colin McKenna, has ten years of experience in bicycle fitting.  Colin holds Precision Fit certifications, obtained through Trek Bicycles, and has logged over 500 fits in the last six years! 

Colin's personal experience with bikes started with road racing as a teenager, extended briefly into triathlon, and continues in road and cross country mountain biking.  Colin understands first hand the importance of a proper fit, as well as what it takes to set the body up for success through off bike movements.  

Colin has worked with many professional, amateur, and recreational riders throughout his fitting tenure, and continues to seek out guidance and mentorship from world renowned Fitters and Coaches to ensure he is up to date on the best practices. 

Check out some testimonials at the bottom of the page for more details! 

Scheduling a bike fit 

To schedule a fit, please call us or stop in

What is a Precision Motion Capture Fit?

A "Precision Fit" or "Motion Capture Fit" utilizes two high-speed cameras to monitor the body's movement while you are actively pedaling.  The videos are played back in real time, or in slow motion, to analyze movements dynamically (while pedaling). 

Additionally, this fitting technique utilizes a 'fit bike' which allows micro-adjustability in real time to make changes to your fit.  

The advantage here is that the fitter does not need to stop your legs/body while you are pedaling to take measurements of critical joint angles and make subsequent changes.

Lastly, the Precision Motion Capture Fit includes a pre-fit interview and physical assessment to ensure we achieve the highest level of outcome for the rider.  We want to understand your past experiences and your future goals so that we can dial in your bike riding experience! 

The result of this entire process is more precise analysis of the rider, leading to more precise adjustments of the bike, and a higher likelihood of performance & comfort gains both on and off the bike! 

What is a Static Fit?

A "Static Fit" uses analog techniques to measure the body.  Specifically, the rider will ride their bike on a trainer, and the fitter will stop the rider periodically to take measurements of the body using a goniometer and plum-bob.



$300 (Road/Hybrid/Mountain) / $350 (TT/Tri)

  • - Pre fit interview and physical assessment
  • - Cleat & shoe evaluation and adjustment
  • - Four sided fit assessment utilizing two high-speed cameras and computer aided measurement software
  • - On-bike posture coaching
  • - Post fit print out of optimized bicycle measurements
  • - Post fit bike adjustments included in price (*parts extra)


$100 (Road/Hybrid/Mountain) / $150 (TT/Tri)

  • - Cleat & shoe evaluation and adjustment
  • - Two sided fit assessment utilizing goniometer and plum-bob
  • - On-bike posture coaching
  • - Post fit bike adjustments included in price (*parts extra)


Noah K., Cat 1 Road Racer

"Colin provided me with a race fit that helped with comfort, stability, and aerodynamics on the bike.  He walked me through every step of the process and explained what he was doing and WHY he was doing it.  I'm glad I did the Precision Fit as it encompasses way more than a standard bike bike fit does"